Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on)

Add custom questions to your booking form to get extra information from your clients.

Bookly Coupons (Add-on)

Create and manage promo codes to boost sales. Keep track of statistics directly in Bookly.

Bookly Group Booking (Add-on)

Allow customers to schedule group appointments.

Bookly Service Extras (Add-on)

Offer clients to book extra items with their services.

Bookly Chain Appointments (Add-on)

Let clients book multiple consecutive appointments for a single visit.

Let clients customize their appointment length by booking back-to-back sessions of the same service.

Bookly Cart (Add-on)

Allow clients to book multiple services in one booking session.

Bookly Locations (Add-on)

Let customers choose locations for their appointments.

Bookly Deposit Payments (Add-on)

Set up a deposit amount to be paid at the time of booking.

Bookly Service Schedule (Add-on)

Configure your service schedule to be accessible during specific hours of your staff’s day.

Bookly Special Hours (Add-on)

Set special service rates for appointments at specific hours during the day.

Bookly Recurring Appointments (Add-on)

Let clients book a series of repeated appointments weeks or months ahead.

Bookly Special Days (Add-on)

Set custom working hours, different from the default ones, for extra long/short days of the year.

Bookly Waiting List (Add-on)

Add customers to the waiting list. Instantly replace the cancelled appointment by a customer in line.

Bookly Staff Cabinet (Add-on)

Let staff members view and manage their bookings, personal details and services right on your website.

Bookly Customer Groups (Add-on)

Arrange your customer list by type for advanced sorting, offering promotions to certain clients, or setting particular limitations.

Bookly Packages (Add-on)

Create a package of services at a discounted price to encourage more sales and increase your turnover.

Bookly Invoices (Add-on)

Send personalized automatically generated invoices to your clients for each appointment booked on your website.

Bookly Files (Add-on)

Enable clients to upload files directly through the online booking form. View and update all uploaded files in booking details.

Bookly Taxes (Add-on)

Ensure accurate pricing for your services, taking into account applicable taxes.

Let clients rate your services and staff by requesting their feedback after each appointment.

Bookly Google Maps Address (Add-on)

Streamline the booking process and minimize errors by automatically populating the address field in the booking form.

Bookly Customer Information (Add-on)

Add custom data to client’s profile. Customize and gather more detailed information about your customers.

Combine existing services and spare time to make one complex appointment.

Bookly Advanced Google Calendar (Add-on)

Automatically sync all calendar data and updates between two calendars.

Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on)

Let customers manage their bookings and personal details by providing them with a user account on your website.

Bookly Collaborative Services (Add-on)

Create and manage collaborative services with two or more staff members working together.

Bookly Custom Duration (Add-on)

Let clients customize the duration of their appointments according to their needs and preferences.

Bookly Discounts (Add-on)

Offer conditional discounts. Set special rates for bigger groups & multiple bookings.

Bookly Tasks (Add-on)

Create an unlimited list of tasks. Let your clients book unscheduled appointments.

Bookly Custom Statuses (Add-on)

Create additional statuses for better management of your online booking list.

Bookly Mailchimp (Add-on)

Set up integration between your Bookly booking system and your Mailchimp account to automate your email campaigns.

Bookly Stripe (Add-on)

Let your customers easily and securely pay for their appointments with Stripe.

Bookly PayPal Checkout (Add-on)

Let your clients enjoy a smooth and effortless checkout process with PayPal.

PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on)

Offer your customers a secure and popular payment gateway to pay via credit card or PayPal account.

Bookly Mollie (Add-on)

Accept credit card payments from buyers through Mollie, providing a convenient and trustworthy payment experience.

Bookly Authorize.Net (Add-on)

Reliable and easy payment method on your website with Authorize.Net.