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Bookly Cloud products combine the best services that work for your business. Use a powerful and flexible platform that meets your company’s needs.

Explore our Cloud services to improve your efficiency

SMS Notifications

Keep your customers and staff members informed about their bookings, reduce “no shows” and empty booking slots. Use a wide range of codes to personalize your text messages.

Stripe Payments

By activating Stripe Payments, you can seamlessly integrate the Stripe payment gateway into your Bookly booking form, enabling you to securely process credit card payments online.

Cloud Cron

Do all your scheduled actions (email and SMS notifications, SMS campaigns, automatic appointment status change) without any additional settings.

WhatsApp Notifications

Keep your clients and staff informed about the booking details via instant WhatsApp messages. Send customizable notifications and reminders for different scenarios.

Zapier Integration

Zapier allows you to automatically trigger actions in your favorite cloud apps for certain events inside of Bookly: when new bookings are made and updated, and new customers are created.

Gift Cards

Offer your clients the convenience of using gift cards as a payment method during online booking, with a preloaded deposit amount that can be redeemed towards their appointments.

Square Payments

With Square Payments activated, you can integrate Square payment gateway into your Bookly booking form to process credit card payments online.

Voice Notifications

Inform your customers about upcoming appointments more effectively. Your clients will receive automatic calls with text that you can customize to suit many scenarios.