Offer conditional discounts

Enhance customer loyalty and attract more bookings by offering special rates with the Bookly Discounts (Add-on). This feature allows you to set up conditional discounts that are automatically applied during the checkout process.

You can create pricing rules based on specific conditions. Currently, you have the option to set discounts when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The number of customers in the booking equals or exceeds your specified value
  • The number of appointments booked in one session equals or exceeds your specified value

This means you can offer discounted prices for larger groups or reduce the total cost of a booking when customers reserve multiple services in one go. You also have the ability to specify the time period during which the discount is valid, giving you full control over your promotional offers.

Please note that Bookly Discounts (Add-on) requires either the Bookly Group Booking (Add-on) or other Bookly add-ons that allow clients to book multiple appointments per session. By combining these features, you can create a seamless booking experience for your customers while incentivizing loyalty and maximizing your business’s potential.