Managing a movie theatre can be very complicated, especially if the theatre is still using old-fashioned methods of movie tickets sales and bookings like written journals and paper bookings. Without the help that the online booking platform provides it can be very difficult to keep a good overview of the theatre business.

Online booking platform will save the theatre’s employees an enormous amount of time by giving the client the opportunity to book directly for themselves online either through their personal computers or via their mobile phones at their conveniences.

Buying movie tickets online helps everyone in the theatre business, especially the customers to know when they can catch their favourite movie at the theatre without having to be physically present at the theatre. If the movie theatre’s employees are selling the movie tickets manually, then the theatre is missing out on prime opportunities to give their customers a holistic service.

Buying movie tickets online

With the use of online booking platform that enables the theatre to sell their tickets online they will be able to provide their customers with luxurious services and attention even when they are closed. Using online booking platform will help streamline the theatre’s business, because instead of having the staff spending their time trying to manage the usual manual booking schedule, they can be engaged in other productive activities that will increase the customer’s satisfaction.

Using online booking platform allows the clients to either log on, book, or review their existing bookings any time they want even if the theatre is not opened. Online ticket sales platform can also send ticket and bookings confirmations and reminders, with this there is likely to be a sharp decrease in missed bookings or empty movie theatres. Online ticket sales platforms helps the theatre to build a rock solid reputation of client’s satisfaction because it is easier for potential clients to see how organized and welcoming the movie theatre is and potential clients will be able to attribute this aspect of the theatre to the online booking systems.

WordPress calendar plugin is the simplest, easiest and the quickest content management systems that can be used in online movie ticket booking platform because it gives a comprehensive overview of the availability of each theatre, it also helps to know what movie is showing in a particular theatre at that particular time. It is almost impossible to operate a movie theatre business without the WordPress calendar plugin. The versatility of the plugin eases the running operation of the theatre which in turn leads to customer satisfaction because of the confirmation and reminders (by both text messages and emails) that comes with the WordPress calendar plugins.

Online movie ticket booking

With this plugin everything can be defined including thumbnails, Google map integration, form settings, event pages, formatting and design, emails confirmation and more. What the customers can and can’t do can be set with the role manager that comes with the plugin. The exact movie time and theatre showing the movie can be defined for each movie. In the booking area, multiple tickets can be created for each movie, tickets bookings can also be restricted to a specific time period and the number of tickets available can be specified.

Building the movie theatres online booking platform on WordPress is like a foundation where the website is laid because asides it being an open source which means that the code is transparent and there is easy access to all the codes, WordPress plugins uses the plug and play architecture, which makes it easy to put together the parts that are useful for the online ticketing platform and the parts that are not important to this purpose can be removed, and this makes the system easy to maintain. WordPress calendar plugin is helpful to the movie theatres in that it lowers development, enhancement and development costs, it is simple to use, with many supports forums available. And it is also helpful to the customers in that it is secure and search engine optimized.

Customizable online ticketing platform

In conclusion, the most important feature that should be included in an online movie ticketing platform is that of ticket creation, while ticket creation is the ultimate goal, there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled in creating these movies tickets, these conditions should be as follows:

  • it should be possible to create multiple tickets for every movie based on the seat and price;
  • it should also be possible to create tickets for multiple dates and times since the theatre won’t be showing just a single movie.

The WordPress Bookly plugin is the best WordPress plugin that can guarantee not only all the above mentioned services, but also use generic payment gateways with security as a priority for the online movie ticketing platforms. This will enable the customers to purchase the tickets easily in a few steps that will reduce erroneous purchase which will save the customer a lot of hassle thereby giving them a great customer experience.