All over the world, more and more people are seeking ways to enhance their physical features and appearance. Thanks to the beauty industry which is growing rapidly, there has been a great variety of inventions to help satisfy the desire of these people. The eyelash extension service is one of the most popular inventions that has gained wide acceptance worldwide. Not only has it enhanced the look of a good number of women, but it has also helped those with scanty eyelashes gain back their confidence.

If you provide eyelash extensions and makeup service, you may have thought of ways to make your services more accessible to your clients and even reach more people. Worry no more as what you need is an online booking system to take your business to the next level. Here’s why an online booking system for eyelash extensions is crucial to your business.

Online booking system for your eyelash extensions service

It’s the In Thing

Unless you plan on losing your customers and closing down your business, you must go with the latest trends in your industry. If you can, get creative and stay ahead of your competitors.

The online booking system for eyelash extensions is a great way to stay relevant in your industry. Many beauticians are beginning to see the importance of having a website with a booking plugin and their clients love the idea. Your client’s satisfaction comes first as you would not have a business without them.

So if you want to retain your customers, do what others are doing. The booking plugin will ensure that you provide the same convenience, comfort, and satisfaction as your competitors. This way, your customers do not run off to rival brands who have made an effort to ensure that customers can book appointments quickly and easily.

Eliminates the Need for an Extra Hand

If you do not have a booking system in place, clients will have to book appointments manually. What this means is that you will need to employ a front desk person who will answer phone calls and respond to emails of clients who want to book appointments. If you cannot afford to employ an extra hand, you will have to do the job yourself. This will eventually affect productivity in the workplace. The time spent answering phone calls and responding to emails can be used to perform other activities that will promote your business.

A booking system significantly reduces the number of phone calls you get from clients. If there are only a few clients calling in to make inquiries, you will not need an extra hand to perform front desk duties. You can do it yourself and save costs.

Attract New Clients

Everyone likes convenience! When you make it easy for your clients to do business with you, not only will they be happy, they will also become loyal customers. They will keep coming back to you to get their eyelash extensions done. Once you succeed in satisfying your existing customers, they will speak well of your brand and your services and of course, they will spread the word. They will be quick to recommend you to their families and friends who may want an eyelash extensions service and yes, recommendations do go a long way in helping you build your clientele. These clients will also not hesitate to drop a positive review about your services on your website.

You need to know that many clients who want eyelash extensions for wedding actually check out the reviews before they choose a beautician. When you make the appointment booking process fast and simple, prospective clients form an opinion about you which is that you are good at what you do and want to make your clients happy. The online booking system is one way to assure your customers that they will get excellent service from you. If they eventually get to do business with you and are impressed, they will gladly tell others.

Makes Payment Easy

With a booking system, clients can pay when scheduling an appointment on your website. Most booking plugins integrate with a number of payment gateways. This means that customers can make payments at any time and from anywhere before the scheduled date of the appointment. You can ask clients to pay a specific sum of money as a deposit or even ask them to pay in full. Making payments beforehand is one way to reduce no-shows. Once customers know that they will lose money if they fail to show up for their appointment and cancel on time, they will strive to be present for their appointment.

Sends Out Confirmations and Notifications

When clients book appointments on your website, they will receive confirmation of their appointment letting them know that their booking was successful. Before the date of the appointment, they will receive messages in the form of an email or text reminding them of their appointment.

These reminder messages are another fantastic way to reduce no-shows. Some clients may forget that they have an appointment with you. So when a reminder message is sent, it helps them to clear up their schedule and make out time to be there. If they cannot make it, they are allowed to cancel before the scheduled date, so that other interested clients can take up the spot.

Sends Out Confirmations and Notifications

Gives Clients a Measure of Control

A good booking system allows your clients to manage their appointments and choose a time and place that is convenient for them. Every client wants value for their money and when you allow your clients to manage their appointment, they feel in control of their affairs, giving them a sense of satisfaction.

For many customers, excellent service involves allowing them to have a say and considering their needs. With a booking plugin in place, your clients can easily provide personal details without having to answer a ton of questions from a stranger in the name of booking an appointment for an eyelash extensions service. They can also make changes or cancel their appointment if the date is no longer favorable for them.

Reduces Stress and Improves Staff Performance

Most times, first-time clients who want to book an appointment will call more than once and if you miss their calls, they may go somewhere else to get their eyelash extensions done. If you do not have a front desk officer as mentioned earlier, the responsibility of answering phone calls will fall on you and your employees. This can be a lot of work for you and your staff. What many business owners do not know is that frequent interruptions can increase stress and adversely affect employee performance. Phone calls often disrupt workflow, causing frustration and increasing the time that would have been used to accomplish a simple task.

A recent study revealed that it is often hard to return to a task after an interruption. If phone calls keep coming in and interrupting your activities, both you and your employees will be frustrated, stressed, and you may not do your job well. Sometimes, interruptions can make it impossible to complete very important tasks and if this continues, your business will suffer.

Allow Clients Book Appointments at Any time and From Anywhere

In this age of technology, many customers will choose to do everything over the internet if given the opportunity. This is no surprise as internet activities are fast and stress-free. The online booking system is an answer to the needs of tech-savvy clients. With it, they can book appointments from anywhere and at any time of the day. If you choose to stick to telephone or email appointment bookings, your tech-savvy clients will leave you for a service provider who has made technological upgrades. Even when you and your employees are not at the office to answer phone calls, you can be sure that you are not losing your client to competitors. Your customers can do their bookings themselves without assistance from anyone as the online booking process is clear and straightforward.

Reduce Mistakes When Obtaining Customer Information

Sometimes, the task of taking down customer information over the phone can be overwhelming. There could be a mistake on the part of the customer or the person obtaining the information. If the customer details are incorrect, it can become a problem on the day that the service is set to be delivered. This kind of mistake can be costly, especially when it’s a client who needs eyelash extensions for makeup. The customer may conclude that you do not know what you are doing and may leave angrily without getting their eyelash extension done.

With an online booking system, there’s no need for you or your staff to ask for customer details over the phone. Your customers will fill in their details on your website and if there is an error, they can always go back and make changes. Having all your customer details in one single place gives you all the information you need to provide the desired service.

Automate the Schedule of Employees

Your customers are not the only people who will benefit from using a booking system. You and your employees who will be delivering the service will also be updated on upcoming appointments. With a booking system, you no longer need to assign an employee to a particular booking. All you need to do is enter the profile of all available employees in your calendar and allow customers to choose whom they want to attend to them when they come.

With a shared calendar, all employees who have been chosen by customers will automatically receive a notification when an appointment is added to their schedule. You will especially benefit from using the appointment booking system when you have many employees. Each of your employees will be able to track their appointment without having to contact you, resulting in better management and organization of staff.

Automate the Schedule of Employees

Multi-language Support

Sometimes, language can be a barrier for some customers. They may want to get their eyelash extensions done but may not be able to speak or write the language that the service provider understands.

With the right booking system, the language will no longer be a problem. Some booking systems like Bookly support over ten languages, allowing customers to make bookings and reservations in a language that they understand. Many clients are more comfortable speaking and writing in their native language than in a foreign language.

Why Use a WordPress Plugin?

If you are thinking of a booking system to use, you should know that WordPress has the best plugins. They offer a good number of benefits to business owners who need their clients to book appointments before getting their services. For an eyelash extensions service provider, a WordPress plugin can help you achieve your dream of expanding your business and reaching more clients. Here’s are some of the major advantages of using a WordPress plugin.

No Design Skills Needed

Apart from the fact that WordPress has fully responsive and eye-catching templates that will enable you to create a website that suits your brand, you can also choose the best way for your clients to view your booking availability. They can see your availability by time, class and staff. You do not need any designing or programming skills to get this done. The process is easy and straightforward.

Allow Clients View Details of their Appointment

With a WordPress booking plugin, you can provide your clients with personalized log-in details that will enable them to view the details of their appointment at any time and place of their choice. With the login details, they can see the type of service they have requested, the employee that will be delivering the service as well as the time and cost of the service. The clients can also make cancellations when they can’t meet up.

Allows You to Add Custom Functionality to Your Site

WordPress plugins allow you to customize your site and add advanced features like membership area, contact forms, analytics and much more. You can choose to adjust the colors to match your brand colors, insert background images, and even your company logo. You can also add photos of your staff as well as the services you offer.


The online booking system for eyelash extension services is one of the best things that has happened to cosmetologists and beauticians who want to deliver top-notch service to their clients. While you may be very good at your job, your clients desire comfort and speed. The online booking system is the first step to assuring your customers that you have their backs and that you will do everything you can to give them value for their money. With a WordPress Plugin, your business is set to make a difference.