Growing a business isn’t easy. Many, if not most, business owners need to manage a packed schedule of appointments on top of running their company. But the last thing any business owner wants is to miss an important client meeting.

It is perhaps not surprising then that business owners report significant stress. According to a Gallup News poll 45% of entrepreneurs report being stressed.

Business owners schedules are more packed than ever before. Trying to manage those appointments manually using spreadsheets, appointment planner or a notebook is inefficient and time-consuming. Even worse these manual methods create plenty of room for error.

Business owners schedules

A lot of the feeling of stress-related with running a business is a sense that you are not “on top of things”. The answer to all of these problems is implementing appointment booking software to your website.

Using appointment booking software doesn’t just make it easier for customers to book an appointment. For the busy entrepreneur it means not having to worry about missing a key appointment. From a computer or smartphone you can quickly see all of your appointments and be confident that reminder messages will prevent you from missing them.

Here we’ll look at some of the benefits of online appointment software and why they can reduce the stress of trying to manage a busy schedule.

Faster and more accurate appointment booking

If you are using a manual method for creating appointment bookings there is plenty of opportunity for error. Clients details and appointment times and location may be incorrectly recorded.

If you are using online appointment booking, the person making the booking will enter their own details. You no longer have to worry that you or one of your employees may have taken the details incorrectly.

This process is also more efficient because you don’t need to re-enter information that you may take down during a call into your system. As soon as an appointment is approved it will be added to a shared calendar. Everyone who needs access to the details of the appointment will be easily able to access them.

Improved communication

Improved communication

Online appointment scheduling software makes the process of setting appointments more efficient. Before appointment booking software was available, if someone needed to cancel an appointment they would need to either call or email. This might require multiple rounds of communication back and forth before a new appointment time is decided. Using a solution like Bookly eliminates entirely the need to make a call or email to either make an appointment or to amend an existing one.

Fewer missed appointments

Using an appointment reminder software helps both you and the person you are meeting to keep your appointment. With Bookly you can select to have reminders sent either by SMS or email. And these templates can be customized to ensure your communications look professional.

Notifications not only prevent you from missing any of your scheduled meetings. They also reduce the chance of no-shows. If you have a busy schedule it is critical that customers turn up when you expect them to. You can also set a “buffer” on each side of the appointment to allow yourself adequate time between appointments.

Manage your appointments conveniently

Manage your appointments conveniently

Booking and managing your appointments is more convenient using an online appointment scheduling software. Many people no longer want to make a call in order to book an appointment. They want to be able to make, manage and edit their appointments using their smartphone.

Likewise, as a business owner, you don’t want to be tied to your desk to manage your appointment bookings. With a solution like Bookly you can access and manage your appointments from your phone. This makes it ideal for people who need to be able to conduct business on the go.

Don’t forget another appointment

Social media and online reviews have empowered customers to share their experience much more widely. A missed appointment might have meant a lost customer in the past. Today, an upset client can be far more damaging to a business’s reputation. Using an online appointment scheduling solution like Bookly means that you don’t have to take that risk. Appointment scheduling solution takes the work out of managing your booking, so you can focus on the service you will provide to that client.