Whether you desire to run a wonderfully relaxing spa salon and therapeutic massage, you may need to consider giving a mild Swedish massage which will revamp your client’s body along with a sports massage, or a glamorous couple’s massage. Make sure you find a suitable spa near you that offers the same services and observe how things are run. This will help you suit the needs of your clients. In some cases, you can recommend the best treatments that will resolve any issues your clients have and deliver the most suitable experience for your clients.

Origin of spa

The word ‘Spa’ is gotten from the Latin words Salus Per Aquam, which means ‘Health gotten from water’. The Latin phrase was derived from a Belgian village, Spa, as the Romans used hot mineral springs to treat pains of soldiers such as muscle pains, and wounds obtained from a war fought. The initial account written on bathing as a healing method instead of just a hygiene ritual was traced to a Greek philosopher naked Hippocrates. He’s of the view that the cause of the illness was as a result of unstable body fluids, and he supported that the means of acquiring good health is to have an ambrosia bath and ointment massage every day.

Benefits of spa

There are various health benefits of a spa, the merging of heat from the water, massage, and buoyancy implies the psychological and physical advantage of relaxing in a spa are very vast. One can alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress, revamp stiff and weakened muscles and enjoy complete body relaxation.

1. Weight Loss

Spas are known to maintain the waistline via heat treatments, which not only cleanse the lymph nodes but also release toxins that can be associated with a gain in weight. Many spas have facilities that provide sweat rooms or steam saunas. Spending time here, coupled with the massage the client receives thereafter, is a proven way to eliminate toxins from the body and increase the blood flow needed to move adipocytes or fat cells all over the body. This is just one of the many reasons why spas are beneficial to the health of clients.

2. Anti-Aging

Reducing stress is associated with slower aging entirely. Spa treatments that include facials are great for reducing wrinkles and relieving stress. Constant exposure to water in a wet spa can also facilitate this process by making the clients relax. The skin also absorbs moisture, making facials almost twice as effective. Interventions such as microdermabrasion can exfoliate and weaken dead skin cells.

Spa treatments that include facials are great for reducing wrinkles and relieving stress.

Most common spa treatments

Spas for kids

If you’re still considering whether to create a spa for kids, you have to consider the type of spa services you want to render as well as the age bracket of the kids. Before opening a spa for kids, do well to give potential clients enough information about your spa. You can also add telephone lines on your adverts so that they can easily call your spa to confirm if you offer spa services for children. Although, the kinds of spa treatments kids are offered should be limited.
Spa for children has to do with glamouring and scintillating care. Manicures, pedicures, hair styling and facial treatment for kids will best suit their needs. Your spa should be more accommodating in terms of welcoming families and their children, and you can even decide to create a section for children spa, where parents can take their children from age 3 and above for facials, hair-do, manicures, and pedicures.

Spas with saunas

Sauna refers to a small room used as a hot air steam bath for refreshing or cleansing the body. Sauna helps in burning calories, relieving stress and releasing toxins in the body. Most saunas use a temperature of 80°C. If the temperature goes beyond 80°C, it could turn out to be harmful to someone if exposed for a long time. You could visit popular spas with saunas near you if you need firsthand experience on how they render spa services.

Spas with jacuzzi

Relaxing in a hot tub with its warm water is an awesome experience for clients. Clients will prefer going to a hotel that has a Jacuzzi where they can take warm baths anytime at their discretion.

Spa medicine

Medical spa is also referred to as Medspa. A Medspa goes beyond a typical spa. It has the expertise of a licensed physician coupled with developed technology for the massage and relaxation of the client. A medical spa can help treat various illnesses such as sunburn, acne or cellulite. Medspa is a superb way of getting non-surgical cosmetics changes with the help of a well-trained physician and staff.

Spa with steam rooms

A steam room spa is a heated room of 110°F and 114°F temperature and humidity of 100%, used to alleviate the medical condition and enhance relaxation. A steam room is formed when a generator pumps in water through an enclosed space, bringing about moisture in the air when people are seated.

24 hours spa service

As a spa owner, you should understand how difficult it is for individuals who are often busy to create a suitable time for a massage. Therefore, you should consider running your spa for 24 hours to render adequate service to your customers. This implies that someone who is often busy can still create time from his or her busy schedule to go for a mild spa massage or treatment before going to bed at night or even before leaving for work in the morning, depending on the time that best suits them. Some spas that offer 24 hours services include:

  • Hot and cold pools
  • Sauna room
  • Ice foundation
  • Relaxation lounge
  • Buffet dining room

To make their client’s experience a memorable one, some spas provide concierge services to help clients go on errands, e.g. booking of flight, booking of a restaurant or arranging for a vehicle.
Best spa centers ensure professional services to its customers leaving them revamped and more relaxed.

24 hours spa service

Spa that accepts credit cards

You should consider setting up a spa that accepts credit cards. There are a lot of spas around the globe that accept credit cards. With the use of advanced technology, most people don’t move about with lots of money. Hence, credit cards are accepted in almost all the spas. As long as there’s money in the credit card, it ought to be accepted as a settlement of debt incurred in a spa.

Best hot tubs brands in 2019

Master Spas vs Hot Springs

Hot springs have more important key features that make it stand out as compared to other tubs. Unfortunately, the features were not brought to the limelight. It has good quality construction.
The master Spa is less expensive compared to hot springs, it has features that hot springs lack. In other words, people still prefer master spa, as they are the world’s largest swim spa in the world, it enhances safety and quality. It has ten great features that distinguish it from other tubs as well.

Artesian Spas vs Hot Springs

Artesian Spas proffer an efficient, and enthusiastic form of relief when placed in artesian hot tubs. Each hot tub is mainly built to improve the way of life and promote the health of each customer. Artesian Spas have more features than any other hot tub producers.
Hot springs possess more outstanding key features when compared to other tubs. The construction of Hot springs is exquisite. Every tub is not the same as they differ in options and features from others.


Caldera was originated from Mexico, in the area of San Francisco. It’s a 30-year old company brought by Watkins. Caldera built a spa in Visita while forming their shells in Mexico. The caldera spa leaders are as good as the values of the spas. The components used in Caldera are similar to the one used in Hot Spring.

Who manufactures lifesmart spas?

Lifesmart is a leading company whose main focus is on the global home market. Lifesmart provides you with a safe, comfortable and colorful lifestyle. Denny Don’t (CEO), Ryan Zhao (CTO), Steve Wu (CDO), they are part of the team of Lifesmart. Lifesmart serves almost a million customers in over 30 countries, adding values to customers’ lives every day.

Lifesmart spa has succeeded in making a well-featured hot tub that functions perfectly in filling up the gap between the fully installed built-in spa and a high-end inflatable hot tub. In the Lifesmart spa, the quality of the very strong shell buildup is outstanding and lasts long. It is almost impossible to destroy.

Start your own spa business

Start your own spa business

How much do spa treatments cost?

If you are considering opening your spa, the cost should be of paramount importance to you.
The cost of a spa depends on the organization and whether one is a member of the spa or not. Small Asian organization in small cities offer therapeutic massage from $40, while at Massage Envy offers $65 to $90 to members, it still depends on the fluctuation of the market. Some well-trained physicians and staff have set up spa shop for themselves, where they charge $170. The cost of a spa differs from place to place.

Why are spas so expensive?

The major cost of Spa service has to do with human time. The time and effort put forth by the therapist are worth a reasonable amount of money per hour. Hence, the cost of spa services is a result of the time spent by the physician who may charge $150 to $200 per hour. Although not all Spa is expensive as prices vary from place to place.

How do spas smell so good?

Spas owners know the importance of scent connectivity, a nice smell could make customers feel more relaxed. Most spa scents are based on lavender. Lavender is famous for its mild relaxation qualities.

How often should spa filters be replaced?

It is a general rule that the spa filter is replaced after 18 months, but you should replace the filter at least once in a year.

How often should spa water be changed?

It is recommended and it’s also a general rule that Spa water should be changed in the hot tub every three months.

Are spas covered by insurance

The most essential insurance for a medical spa is to provide liability for each employee who offers treatment. For instance, if someone claims that he or she was injured after receiving treatment in your spa, your insurance liability policy can aid the cost of the damages done.

Are spas dangerous?

A spa can be good as well as dangerous. The best way to convince customers that your spa is not dangerous is to get a license for your spa. Another thing is to ensure you offer the right treatments to clients, whether massages, foot treatment or facial treatment.

Hot tubs, if not managed effectively, can provide a medium for bacterial growth. These bacteria can cause a customer to become infected with an infection or disease. This includes the Legionella bacteria that cause Legionnaire’s disease, which can be deadly.

Also, the Pseudomonas bacteria can cause several serious infections, e.g. severe rashes, eye, and ear infections and pneumonia. These bacteria can be contained and eliminated by maintaining water disinfectant levels. Other pathogens that spread through bowel movements or vomiting can also be transmitted through hot tubs. Examples are Norovirus and Cryptosporidium.