Customers want to be able to book carpet cleaning services online. They like the convenience and transparency it provides. If your carpet cleaning website doesn’t offer online booking, you are almost certainly losing out on a huge amount of business to your competitors who do.

Integrating online booking software to your carpet cleaning website also eliminates a lot of administrative headaches. By letting customers make their own bookings, you don’t need to hire someone to answer phone calls or emails. Linking up your booking forms with your cleaner’s schedules simplifies managing teams which are constantly on the go.

Adding online booking the fast and easy way

Letting your customers make an appointment using online booking software doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. First, you are going to need a website which is run on WordPress. Approximately a third of all websites on the internet use WordPress, so there is a high likelihood that your website is already using this CMS. If you are thinking of developing or redeveloping your carpet cleaning website, then WordPress should be your go-to solution.

With a WordPress website in place, you will be able to make use of plugins. Plugins provide specific functionality for your website. Bookly is a plugin that makes it easy to create and manage booking form directly through your WordPress dashboard. Once you have downloaded your Bookly plugin, you can upload it directly to your WordPress website. Activate the plugin and you will be ready to create your first booking form. There is a free version of Bookly for you to try and a premium Bookly Pro which is packed with useful features.

Benefits of online booking software for your carpet cleaning service

Integrating appointment scheduling software into your carpet cleaning website brings substantial benefits. Some of the most important include:

Flexible payment solutions

Flexible payment solutions

Taking payment for your services during the booking process is a great way to lock in revenue. Customers often prefer to pay for carpet cleaning upfront as it provides certainty about the amount they will be billed.

Clients requirements will vary when choosing a cleaning service. For example, they will have different types and number of rooms that need to be cleaned. They will also want to select from a range of different services such as steam cleaning, shampooing, and dry carpet cleaning. With Bookly you have access to an online booking software with the flexibility to include different pricing depending on the requirements of the customer.

To maximize the number of clients paying during the booking process, offer a range of different payment options. Bookly Pro comes with Paypal Express Checkout included. Using add-ons, you can integrate with dozens of different payment gateways including Stripe, and 2Checkout.

Use notifications for clients and employees

Use notifications for clients and employees

Organizing your employees and communicating with clients can be challenging. One of the best ways to stay on top of this is to use automated notifications. Appointment scheduling software like Bookly allows you to setup automatic SMS and email notifications which will be sent to clients at a predetermined time before their appointment. These customizable notifications can include the key details about their appointment: the date, time, and cleaner.

Reminding your client that they have a carpet cleaning booked helps to avoid the problem of them not being home at the designated time. They also avoid the customer calling or emailing to find or confirm the appointment details. Lastly, they provide peace of mind for the client that their appointment is booked in and will go ahead.

SMS and email notifications can also be used for managing and communicating with contractors and employees. The nature of a carpet cleaning business means that cleaners will be on the go. Providing notifications with the details of their appointments helps to streamline the process.

Obtain all relevant information during client onboarding

To provide the best service for your clients and give your cleaners the information they need, it’s important to ask the right questions. A good online booking software solution will provide you with plenty of flexibility in terms of the fields that you can include and the questions you can ask. Carpet cleaning is a unique business with different requirements. Make sure you aren’t locked into a booking form with “cookie-cutter” fields that don’t elicit all of the information you need.

Add different booking forms for different pages

Add different booking forms for different pages

Having a separate booking for each page helps to improve conversion. By including a booking form which is specific to that particular carpet cleaning service offering, you can request the exact information required and remove any unnecessary fields. Not all online appointment scheduling software allows you to create multiple booking forms, so make sure to select one that does, like Bookly.

Adding online booking software to your carpet cleaning website is the smart way to grow your business. Taking bookings online is scalable and cost-effective. Unlike taking manual bookings, you won’t be bombarded with constant interruptions or need to hire additional staff to handle the calls. Simplify your appointment scheduling process by implementing online booking software to your website.