This past fall has been so incredibly productive for us that we’ve decided to make this comprehensive update on what Bookly can do now to help you schedule your client appointments.

The main Bookly and Bookly Lite plugins have gotten more powerful and nuanced with each of their regular updates. We’ve also launched five new add-ons with very specific features that some of you had been asking us for.

New Capabilities with Add-Ons

Each of your services can now be available at specific hours only. Some of you might have tried using staff’s individual schedules for that (and will have found it extremely difficult as most of you have staff members tied to multiple services and even working different hours). No need for that anymore, with the Service Schedule add-on.

Services can also cost a different amount at different hours during the day now. Even better: the settings will work in combination with the individual staff pricing that you might have set up. All with the Special Hours add-on.