The latest Bookly update is out now! The new 13.9 version comes with the following improvements and changes.

Ability to set price format

Now YOU choose how the service price will appear in your booking form. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Payments and, from the drop-down list, select the way you want it to be displayed.

Ability to automatically fill in personal information for returning customers at the Details step

You can enable the setting of storing personal data for returning customers. When they visit your website next time and make it to the Details step of the booking process, their personal information will be automatically filled in with the data previously saved in cookies.
To enable this setting, go to Bookly menu > Settings > Customers > Remember personal information in cookies.

Changed the way how Bookly identifies returning customers

Now it uses a phone number if phone field is required. Otherwise, email is used.


Bookly Plugin is available for purchase here.

Try our demos (both front-end and back-end versions) to get a better understanding of how Bookly works.