Some business owners have doubts about accepting online bookings. They often think that setting up a reservation system on their website is not easy, requires an expert programmer and some additional skills for handling appointments in the admin panel of the website. But the main question is – will customers book services right on the website instead of making a manual phone call as they used to? The answer is YES! And here are nine arguments to prove that you NEED to automate your booking system.

1. Fast and easy.

A complex and not friendly user interface of the webpage confuses visitors and probably will make them leave your website if it doesn’t have easy navigation. Online scheduling is the easiest yet powerful way to let your customers book available services which will help never lose a potential client.

2. 24/7 accessible. From anywhere, at any time.

Your website is always open to your customers, so let them visit it at any moment, from any device, and book an appointment just in a couple of clicks even during non-working hours.

3. Real-time availability.

Once a customer has chosen the desired service, they will then want to view available date and time for the visit. If an appointment calendar is not displayed on your website, it could disappoint a customer and make them contact you by phone. But if you instantly offer a list of available time slots for booking, this time-consuming step could be skipped.

4. It’s free.

Most likely, your customers will choose to spend nothing to book an appointment online instead of being charged for a call, especially if they have to call from abroad.

5. Intuitive and clear.

Customers feel confident knowing the prices, taxes, service duration, and payment options right away. This way, the will learn all appointment-related details and payment methods at the time of booking.

6. Multi-language.

Clients who speak not in your language will find it difficult to contact you via email or phone. But if the interface of your booking system supports multi-language websites, your clients will be able to book in their native language.

7. Awesome experience.

The booking process is the first point of contact between a customer and a business, so it is crucial to make the first impression smooth and seamless. If your visitors can complete the booking just in a few clicks, pay online, and get the notification confirming their reservation, they will surely be impressed and encouraged to do so again. Customers will remember a positive experience and will gladly share it with the others.

8. Meet clients’ needs.

Nowadays it’s not a problem to do almost everything online: from hotel reservations and car rentals to buying goods and studying. Your clients are used to doing lots of things via the Internet. The same applies to booking and rescheduling appointments – they will prefer to make it online. If you do not enable your customers to make reservations on your website, it may destroy your business.

9. Easy to reach.

According to the web traffic stats, in 2017, more than 52% of Internet visits were made through mobile and tablet devices. And that number will probably be higher for 2018. Even if you’re running a small business, it’s obvious that your clients will visit your website using smartphones and tablets. Most online booking software available today are responsive and fit perfectly any screen. This will let your customers to book your services and products easily on any device.